Some Game Animation Stuff

Hello! Been awhile since I last posted, but I have more or less undergone this idea that I will be attempting a new animation or something along those lines at least once a week. This will either be with similar rigs, same rigs, different rigs, etc. I know at least with the scorpion helicopter I would like to do a few more idles, attack animations, hit animations and a death animation. 

Here we just have it gliding in a sort of figure 8 style. I want to work with the materials a little more to get that super shiny look taken care of (meaning get rid of it) because you miss some cool little bits of the animated mesh because of it.

Here we have a cool quadruped robot that I may goof around with later on, get some more cycles down for a four legged thing such as itself🙂  

Thank you for checking in on this week’s post, if you like what you saw and want to see more please follow me and if you really enjoyed it spread it around, share it with your friends and family etc. Best wishes to you all and take care😉