Some Asset Modeling & Texturing




Here are some assets I’ve been working on for a swamp scene I’ll be doing this quarter for my Mapping For Games class. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on the various changes and additions. Eventually I’ll be building the house but I need to finish a few parts, might as well set up what I got to make what I can 😉 I’ll post the concept art of what I’m working off of.






TulaChamber V 1.1 rough idea

TulaChamber V 1.1 rough idea

The chamber itself is meant to feel and look like an “egg” in which a spider-like (tarantula really) machine lifts it up, where the human or subject can rest in stasis for long periods of time… suspended up toward the ceiling like a spider would gather prey that is wrapped in webbing… Just going with this idea and running as fast as I can with it haha